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Some words about D’Carmo Pavers

After years of working with other companies and many clients, we are now a consolidated company. Our expert crew and we are proud to offer the highest quality paving work. We are ready to make any paving project become a reality. Our skilled, friendly paving contractors use the best tools and materials in the industry, n addition, we offer free initial consultations to each customer. We offer competitive pricing for each job. You can be sure you will get the quality paving you need without the high-end price tag. We have the latest shapes, sizes, colors, and ideas. We have the latest products suitable for retaining walls, garden walls, steps & stone, and limestone building products. Paving around your property adds value and can represent a good return on investment. Come and see us today, and we will help you to make your ideas come to life.

Driveways and Driveways

The interlocking concrete driveway has become the envy of neighbors and passers-by, advancing opportunities for landscape contractors who know how to leverage these and the many other factual selling points. Contractors should be telling prospects that a properly installed, interlocking paver driveway won’t crack or heave, will not be affected by the continued application of deicing salts, and require little or no maintenance as compared to other pavement types. Because they are made of high-density concrete, surface stains are minimized.


Pools and Decks

If you are installing a pool or renovating a pool area, we know you will be looking for pavers that not only look and feel great but are also salt resistant, safe, and practical. You do have options when it comes to paving around a pool. However, there is a lot of important information you should consider. Various materials such as clay, concrete, and natural stone are all suitable for your pool areas. The most important factor to consider when laying pavers around a pool are slip resistance and also resistance to salt attack.


Outdoor Living Projects

Imagine relaxing with family and friends, lounging around an attractive fire pit after the sunsets, as well as a cool night, settles in. Our D’Carmo Pavers fire pits will bring elegance and atmosphere to any outdoor space and will offer many years of pleasure to you and your family. Your current outdoor will be an oasis that you are going to in no way would like to leave! Fire pits available from D’Carmo Pavers are custom built.


Patio Paving

D’Carmo Pavers has various styles, sizes, colors, and textures to suit any patio paving space. Transform your patio area with a large format for contemporary homes or use natural stone with its natural variation and texture for a touch of luxury. You can be creative with the use of multiple colors, textures, and patterns.


Our Professional Paving Services

With many years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on D’Carmo Pavers for your next drive, patio, or garden landscape. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers, including consultation, free estimate, design, the supply of materials, and installation. We can install fencing, walls, disabled access landscaping, and security as well as drives and patios. Quality is assured. We can build your dream driveway in a variety of styles and materials. It will add value to your home, be easy to keep clean and provide safe access and easy parking. Your new driveway will be built to last. We use our expert knowledge of soil and landscape conditions to thoroughly prepare your site, ensuring a solid, robust, and practical finished driveway.